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Gypsy Headscarf


Gypsy Headscarves are specially design for women and girls experiencing hair loss due to illness, cancer and/or chemo therapy. The headscarf is extra comfy as it has no headband.

Gypsy Headscarves can be tied to have a short or a long finish.

Comes with instructions on how to tie the headscarf – it’s very EASY, like tying hair.

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Because the Gypsy Headscarf has no band it is extra comfortable to wear as there is no irritating seam around the head.

The head scarf ties with a scrunchy made from the same fabric as the scarf. It can be left long in the neck or can be pulled through the scrunchy only halfway for a shorter finish.

Compassionhat products are uniquely designed and sized for cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and/or woman suffering hair loss due to illness. They are manufactured in South Africa.

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