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Christine Headwear

Chitta Headband


A multifunctional and smart headband in a large selection of fashionable colors. The Chitta Headband is perfect as an accessory to a plain Soft Line turban or a printed turban and adds the all-important extra fullness and a personal and unique look. The Chitta Headband is also smart as an accessory to a wig and can also be used on its own as a light turban on hot summer days by simply folding the excess fabric over the head and attaching it to the ears.

– Easy to apply
– Many styling options
– Mix & match with turbans in different colors and prints
– Can be used as a light turban
– Available in a large selection of attractive colors and prints

95% Viscose (Bamboo), 5% Spandex

A modern and elegant turban, which is very easy to fit and style. Only the best is good enough.

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