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Christine Headwear

Beatrice Turban


With this model, you get a versatile turban with long ties, which is the perfect choice if you like the feel and look of ties in the neck. The turban also gives you the opportunity to switch between turban and scarf.


Our Beatrice series has become very popular over time. The reasons are partly due to the freedom and possibilities that the turban possesses and at the same time we have also been told that the turban is very comfortable to wear.


The turban is built up with a cream-coloured base, beautiful hand-drawn flowers in a delicate pink colour and beautiful line-drawn flower heads in gold foil nicely placed around the turban. The combination is both beautiful, sophisticated but also very gracious with the House of Christine team.


The Beatrice Turban has just the right features for you. You can read much more about this in our section on material. Here you can e.g. read that the turban is moisture wicking and more.

95% Viscose (Bamboo), 5% Spandex
Colour available – Paisley Swirls
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Colours Shown:Paisley Swirls

Our comfortable Beatrice Turban from Christine Headwear with long ties with "Blooming Pinks" print and in a cream-coloured base.

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